Private Placement Memorandum

The most thorough way to structure a deal with investors and create a legal document to describe and consummate the transaction is with a private placement memorandum (PPM). The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) takes risk factor disclosures seriously as the risk factors are meant to protect investors, but they also help insulate the companies from shareholder lawsuits. One of the PPM’s differences from a stock purchase agreement is how well the PPM discloses these risk factors.

Let us reduce your PPM development costs and have our paralegals draft this document for you. We will assist in the development of the financing structure, capitalization and dilution calculations. During the drafting process, your lawyer can provide our paralegals guidance, and approve the final version before distribution. By providing this service we have saved clients 50% from what their attorneys were charging to produce a PPM independently, even with our securities attorney taking responsibility for the entire process.