CannaBusinessPlan Funding

The CannaBusinessPlan funding team has decades of experience delivering quality deal flow to investment and merchant banking, venture capital and private equity firms. Having participated in raising hundreds of millions of dollars in financing, the CannaBusinessPlan Funding team  is a group of well-respected and experienced financial consultants. We guide each client through an assessment procedure that allows us to determine funding eligibility. We are judicious in our acceptance criteria.  We take a relatively small percentage of engagements each year.  We must first determine whether or not an idea or business has the underpinnings investors seek.   We will spend time interviewing each prospective client before submitting an engagement letter to ensure the client is able to commit the resources necessary for a successful capital raise. Management must have the time to converse with investors and the willingness to provide proof substantiating claims, such as patent assignments and letters of intent. Valuation expectations and financing structure flexibility are also important. Regulations prohibit us from accepting a commission on investor introductions. However, if you are an accredited investor, you may contact us to verify your credentials and receive updates on our client list.

Our services include:

Extensive Database
– Our affiliate investor database was purposefully built to suit the needs of our clients and the financing community.  Within our extensive database of over 13,000 investor profiles, we have hundreds of investors that know us and regularly ask who we represent. This database includes angel groups, venture capital, private equity, family office, retirement funds and accredited private investors.

Personal Details – We have an extensive research team that constantly updates these database profiles with details that others don’t take the time to track. We keep personal details on the people that make investment decisions, such as alma mater, previous jobs and personal/civic activities.  These details can often be leveraged to help you connect with the investors that will best relate to you.

Business Plan Revie
w – Is the plan Investor-Ready?  If it is not, we will tell you why and present options to improve your presentation.

Corporate Advisory  - Creating a ‘Halo’ effect around your company can many times give your company the added excitement necessary to get investors excited about wanting to dig deeper in understanding your investment opportunity.  This might include adding key advisory board members, timely PR for your new product, or the announcement of a strategic business alliance.  Many times this strategic capital will add to your overall valuation as well.

Finance Structuring
– We’ll vet an investment opportunity by assessing the potential returns and perceived risk in your plan, strategy, current operations, management team, intellectual property and competition. It is customary for different industries to utilize different financing structures, and we’ll determine how to make your proposal most palatable to those with experience investing in your industry.

Finding the Right Investors – The investment community is a closed group of well-experienced and BUSY professionals.  Most only look at investments coming from a known referral source. We have become a trusted source of deal flow over the  years, and they what to know what we see.  We understand their focus and portfolio allocation so we know how to match the right investor with your project.

Confidentiality – When first introducing your opportunity, we limit the information to generic details that create excitement about what you are doing without giving them the details, such as your company name. This reduces the number of people who “passed” on your opportunity.  Remember, Charles Dickens, RJ Rowling, Oscar Wilde, Jack Kerouac, George Orwell and Stephen King all received scathing rejection letters on books that became world famous.

Detailed Reporting – Accountability is a unique attribute of CannaBusinessPlan Funding that we are proud to introduce. This is not limited to ‘contacts sent’ email and tracking their interaction with a link. Our team initiates calls to prospects and makes a record of their responses. We report this information back to you on a monthly basis.

Closing the Deal – When a term sheet is in hand, serious consideration must be paid to the long term implications of acceptance and determining if a better deal is forthcoming from elsewhere. We help you negotiate a mutually acceptable end result expediently and with confidence.

We deliver our services via a proven, precise and efficient framework to build long-term brand recognition. We also maintain a large network of financial and legal experts with various specialties from intellectual property to securities law. Our global network of service providers complements internal professional staff and analysts to support virtually any business need.